May 28, 2014


Of all the people I am photographing for this little project of mine Christine is probably the person I have spent the least amount of time with. However, that doesn’t by any means make her less of an influence on my life. In fact, for reasons far too complicated to write in a few paragraphs she may be the person who has taught me the most.

I first met Christine in Seattle during an art exhibition that feels like it occurred a lifetime ago. In many ways it actually did take place during the course of another life for me. We did a photo shoot within about 15 minutes of meeting one another and had ourselves a lovely few days ripping around the emerald city with fellow friends. Somehow as the years went by we stayed in touch and I knew it was only a matter of time before our paths would cross again.

That day finally came on a recent trip to San Francisco. It only took about thirty seconds, a quick hug, and a round of drinks before it felt like old times again. Christine has the rare talent of daring a person to do things you never thought you would find yourself willing to partake in. It helps that no matter how crazy the dare might be she is always willing to do it right along with you. In my case it was singing a Pet Shop Boys tune on stage to a crowd of hipsters, letting tiny tears touch my face on an empty street simply because a U2 song came on the radio, and telling secrets while the winds of the Pacific Ocean howled around us well past the hour normal people (and most crazy people) stay awake.

But you know what I will always remember most about Christine? I have never heard her say my first name. Not once. Instead, I am always greeted or given a fond farewell with a high pitched “KAISER!!!” as if I just stole her lunch money. For as long as I live the echo of that little tradition of ours will never fail to make me smile.

Camera: Rolleiflex TLR
Film: Ilford HP5 and Kodak Ektar

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