December 14, 2013


My apologies folks for being absent and not posting a lot this past week. I, like many others, am not immune to the holiday madness and chaos that this time of year seems to thrive in. I promise I'll do better!

Typically I'm not one to add clothing items, particularly tights and undergarments to my images. I feel like a lot of photographers are able to pull it off and make it look sexy or unique but I am just not one of them. However, I think this particular pattern really does a nice job of bringing out both the model's pale skin and her nice curvy hips, both of which are nice things in my book.

Photographed hand held using an old Rolleiflex Automat, probably the oldest camera I own that I actually shoot with on a regular basis. This was done wide open at F/3.5 which in my opinion is where the old classic Tessar lens design really shines. It's not sharp exactly, but nice and dreamy and gives off that look so many toy camera enthusiasts tend to favor but in a much less forced and far more genuine sort of way.  I doubt that makes a whole lot of sense to folks who aren't photography enthusiasts but hey, I'm a geek!

Camera: Rolleiflex TLR
Film: Ilford HP5
Model: Olivia Odd
Location: Portland, OR 

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