November 16, 2013

Looking Toward the Source

This morning I spent nearly an hour going through old notebooks looking at pictures I've collected over the past couple of years that I consider inspirational. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do and I understand why a lot of artists don't do it often. It's intimidating to look at other people's work and think to yourself, "I will never make anything that good." What I have to remember is that sometimes, every once in a blue moon, someone might look at MY work and say the very same thing. 

I guess this is just to say that if you are a person who is brave enough to make something...make will always have moments of greatness. It's not necessarily talent or skill or some kind of technical expertise that makes it happen, it's the act of doing that makes it possible. I take comfort in that for some reason.

Photographed in my living room with a Mamiya RZ67 and Fomapan film. 

Camera: Mamiya RZ67
Film: Fomapan 100
Model: Olivia Odd
Location: Portland, OR

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