May 18, 2013

Soaking What Little Light

The model in this image is actually posing for a pinhole photograph. The exposure was a bit on the "long-ish" side so I figured it wouldn't hurt to pull out the Leica and expose a few regular images while she was laying about anyway!  I'm not going to deny, I often feel a little lost when I'm waiting for long pinhole exposures to finish.  Should I hum a tune?  Pull out my phone and play a game of solitaire?  Stare at the sky?     

You'd never know it looking at this image but there was actually a gentle rain falling from the sky at the time this was made.  Though certainly not warm, it was still a peaceful moment.

Camera: Leica M
Model: Olivia Odd
Location: Portland, OR - Columbia River Gorge


  1. beautiful. is this a leica or a pinhole image?

    1. This was the Leica. The pinhole camera is just off to the left doing its thing. Hopefully I will develop that image soon.