May 1, 2013

Light to the Left

Photographed with only natural light coming through on the left side of the frame.

This image was made using Kodak Trix-X loaded in my Mamiya RZ67.  I really hope Kodak film production finds itself on more stable footing in the near future because I really love the way Tri-X renders skin tones.  I found this particular role floating around the bottom of my refrigerator and as I mentioned before I'm sticking with Ilford HP5 for most new film purchases for the foreseeable future.  Depending on what happens with Kodak that may change though.

It's also worth noting how much I've come to appreciate the 110mm f/2.8 lens on my Mamiya RZ67.  I didn't use it for a while because the focal length doesn't lend itself very well to working in tight spaces and still getting a good portion of the figure in the frame.  I usually like to get a bit more of the environment in my work with people, or if nothing else, the entirety of the body.  This is more of a head and shoulders kind of lens.  Still, I think I'm making it work pretty well here.  

Camera: Mamiya RZ67
Film: Kodak Tri-X
Model: St. Merrique
Location: Portland, OR 

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