April 9, 2013

Windows and Shadow

This image is a little on the dark side in terms of exposure but I still like it anyway. It has some nice shapes and lines going on.

This was photographed using my trusty RZ67 and some very dim window light in living room.  Thankfully the RZ67 has a lens I can open to f/2.8 which is pretty wide for medium format.  I was able to soak in enough light to make a half way decent exposure that wasn't too difficult to scan.  

Shooting in my living room on this particular day was sort of a back up plan. The model and I had intended to go outside but it was incredibly windy on this particular morning.  You'd never know all the chaos going on outside given the model's nice calm look. 

Camera: Mamiya RZ67
Film: Ilford HP5
Model: Sarah Pardini
Location: Portland, OR 

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