My name is Andrew Kaiser. 

I am a photographer, art lover, and pretty much a laid back sort of guy. I live in Portland Oregon, I love nature and all things beautiful, I ride a bike most of the time, and well...that pretty much sums me up!

Oh, and I have a fondness for cats, pugs, and chickens. Can't forget about that.

I shoot a ton of film and a little bit of digital. I'm not going to deny I'm a bit of a camera junkie and I have a passion for collecting cameras just as much as I enjoy shooting with them.

The darkroom is what I consider my zen place and i try to spend as much time under the red lights as I can. They tell me that's where the magic happens and quite honestly I can't dispute that.

I welcome unsolicited e-mails so if you have questions for me or just feel like saying hello by all means feel free! Otherwise I hope you enjoy what you see here and thank you for looking.