April 21, 2014

Portraits: Holly

I've always considered myself a really independent person. Never have I been one to ask for help, or rely on my friends for anything. However, with a lot of life changes suddenly in front of me I've come to realize that I have a network of people who have been there for me whether I knew it or not. For that I am grateful. 

Coming to this conclusion I've become really interested in just taking portraits of people. Mostly people who have been kind enough to donate their time and jump in front of my camera over the years for no other reason than friendship.

It's fitting that I've started this project with Holly. She's been posing for me for nearly a decade now. I first met her in Berkley at an art show where she had a painting on display. To this day I have that very painting hanging in my home after she graciously donated it to me to commemorate our friendship.

Holly was willing to pose for me when I was dirt poor and could barely afford dinner, let alone a few rolls of film. Over the years she's been available for a beer and a smoke under the summer stars or a random adventure out in the woods, where we have promptly gotten lost more than once. We often joke that I will still be taking her picture when we are both old and gray and it cannot be denied she has the most amazing hair of anyone I have ever met.

I'm going to be taking these kinds of pictures more often. I need to fill my life with pictures that aren't just of people making perfect poses and looking pretty. I need something a little more real.

Camera: Rolleiflex TLR
Film: Ilford HP5
Location: Portland, OR

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