April 11, 2014

At Last!!

This is the time of year when everything changes on a technical level. The typical gray sky of the Pacific Northwest begins to part and we get several months of solid sunshine and warm temperatures. All the 400 speed film in my camera bag goes back into the ice box and is replaced with 100 speed film and maybe even a little color mixed in for good measure. I start developing my film three degrees colder to tame down the contrast a bit in my final images.

Most importantly I have a new element at play to work with. I have no choice but to dance around with direct sunlight, keeping in mind when I make images, using it to my advantage when I can and compromising with it when I can't. It can be a fun challenge, and an ever present anomaly to annoy me when I'm not accustomed to it.

NOTE: I am incredibly grateful for all the notes and e-mails that have been flooding in as of late. The well-wishes, compliments, and questions are all very welcome and if I haven't replied it is simply because I am overwhelmed and have just not gotten the chance yet. Just know I appreciate them all!!

Camera: Mamiya C330 TLR
Film: Fomapan 100
Location: Portland, OR - Columbia River Gorge
Model: Wolfpup

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