March 1, 2014

Woods and Portraits

Please forgive my absence from the internet as of late. I've been going through a little bit of self imposed "therapy" which has kept me rather occupied. I take that back, it has pretty much left me laying in bed thinking very deep thoughts and figuring out things in my brain, which isn't entirely a bad thing at all.

This image was made under the shadows of some very tall trees on a sunny afternoon. I had to push the film all the way to ISO 1600 and was still hand holding the camera at about 1/15th of a second. I actually like working under conditions like this. It's an imperfect world after all and sometimes just the act of making a photograph can remind us of that fact.

Camera: Mamiya C330 TLR
Film: Ilford HP5
Location: Portland, OR - Columbia River Gorge

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