February 22, 2014

The Little Things

I think the one and only motivation I have ever had to be “famous” for something is the fact that I feel like important people never have to waste their entire day running errands. It’s not the money or the attention that I would crave, but not having to spend my precious time doing routine things would be really nice.
My list of items I need to get done today include buying new shoes, buying soap, washing towels and sheets, going to the bank, sweeping the floor, stopping by the office to return three phone calls, getting gas for the car, dropping off a couple rolls of color film at the lab, and I’m sure at least two items that have slipped my mind for the moment.
Sounds like a thrilling way to spend a Saturday right?
Oh well…  At least I can live vicariously through my own photographs and pretend this is one of those weekends where I am out having an adventure, exploring the wilderness, and taking lovely photographs. 

Camera: Sony NEX 5n
Location: Portland, OR - Tillamook Forest

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