January 3, 2014

When The World Says No

I like this image if for no other reason than it proves that sometimes you still have to work even when everything in the world tells you not to. The day this image was made I was an emotional wreck, the temperatures were frigid cold, and it was raining to boot. I had every justification in the world to cancel the shoot. Had I done so however, this image would have never been made and for that I am thankful.

I am currently in the planning phases of two trips in the month of February:

1. San Francisco - This one will more than likely happen in early February. Depending on if I drive or fly I may also visit Santa Cruz and Monterey but will focus the majority of the trip on San Francisco proper.

2. Washington DC - Toward the end of February I'd like to catch a flight to the DC area and do at least a couple of photo while I'm there.

Exact dates for each trip are still pending but I'd like to gauge interest and see who and what I have to work with before firming up my plans. Any interested models please feel free to send me a private note through tumblr or e-mail: arealitystudios@gmail.com

Camera: Kiev 88
Film: Ilford HP5
Location: Detroit Lake, OR 

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