November 25, 2013

Star Sunrise

It was cold as all hell out when this image was made. I have to say that right away if for no other reason than to express some extreme gratitude for the poor model who posed for it. I'm talking freeze your fingers and toes off kind of cold. You'd never know it with such bright and warm colored light, but it was. Just take my word for it.

Photographed out in the Columbia River Gorge right as the sun was rising over the mountains on the Oregon side of the river. I do a lot of photography out in this magical place and I feel so fortunate to have access to it within minutes of my home. Every photographer should be so lucky and I hope I always appreciate this place in the way that it should be.

My biggest concern typically when shooting right into the sun is getting the flair on the lens just right. Open the aperture too wide and you don't get the streams of light shooting out across the frame. Close it down too far and it becomes chaotic and hard to look at. On most lenses I own, it seems f/11 gets the look I'm after just about right. 

Camera: Sony NEX 5n
Model: Olivia Odd
Location: Portland, OR - Columbia River Gorge

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