November 9, 2013

Soft Fingers

I know this image breaks that cardinal rule about taking a photograph looking up someone's nose. But you know what? I really don't care. I think it is pretty, pleasing to look at, and maybe even a little sexy. So screw the rules! I hope anyone looking at this will just enjoy it for what it is.

Photographed with Fomapan 400 which is a film stock I still go back and forth on all the time. On one hand it's got a lovely grain structure and on the other the quality control can be deeply flawed on this stuff (notice the scratch lines across the top of the frame). Sometimes I simply don't care about this, and other times I do. That's just the way it goes when you spend so much time criticizing yourself.  

Camera: Mamiya RZ67
Film: Fomapan 400
Model: Olivia Odd
Location: Portland, OR 

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