April 13, 2013

Trees of PDX

Photographed this image while out and about scouting new locations to use this summer.  It was a surprisingly warm and lovely day which really made me wish I had a model with me.  Oh well, it's good to do things on my own ever once in a while.  

I used my trusty Mamiya RB67 for this image which is still a massive bitch to carry around.  I swear to god I think it is heavier than my 4x5.  It is certainly heavier than my Crown Graphic anyway, though it is more compact which means I can fit it in a standard backpack a little easier.  

I don't know, I'm not really complaining.  I do love the damn the thing. 

Camera: Mamiya RB67
Film: Ilford HP5
Location: Portland, OR  

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